Convincing kids to brush and floss their teeth isn’t fun, ask any parent.  Bringing them to the dentists only to find out they have cavities is even less fun.  As parents we often get caught up in the chaos of the bedtime routine and don’t make sure that kids brush as thoroughly as they should.  We also don’t worry too much about our children’s baby teeth since they are going to fall out anyway.  Cavities in children are a serious problem and here’s why.

Tooth Decay in Permanent Teeth

Tooth decay in baby teeth can be a big problem, despite the fact that they are going to fall out.  The decay can spread to the root of baby teeth and then travel to the permanent teeth that are coming in underneath.  Here is a look at what causes cavities.

It Will Affect the Growth of Permanent Teeth

If your permanent teeth start off with decay that has spread from your baby teeth you can end up with the permanent teeth coming in misshapen or crooked.  That compounds the risks your child has of having tooth decay in their permanent teeth.  Crooked teeth are harder to brush and floss.  Having crooked teeth can make your child extremely self-conscious.  As a parent you will also be footing the bill for some very expensive orthodontic work in the future.

Cavities Hurt

Not only can the cavities that your child have cause their permanent teeth to be crooked they can also make it very painful to bite or chew.  Misalignment of the teeth and jaw can also cause problems with breathing and speech.  Cavities need immediate care from a pediatric dentist.


Just like in adults if cavities are left untreated you can end up with a very painful abscessed tooth.  The surrounding gum tissue is inflamed and filled with pus and if that isn’t treated with antibiotics it can spread to the body and cause sepsis.  Sepsis can be life threatening, so if your child complains from a toothache take them to a dentist promptly.

Oral Health is Connected to Overall Health

Science has proven that your oral health has a direct connection to your overall health, infections and heart disease have all been linked to poor oral health.  Give your children the best start in life they can get by making sure they learn good oral health habits.  Regular trips to the dentist can eliminate the threat of tooth decay.  Get them to the dentist early and stick to regular habits.

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