People used to think that cosmetic dentistry was something that only movie stars did to make their smiles look better.  Modern cosmetic dentistry now works for everyone and the average person is keeping their teeth longer and opting to get that movie star smile.  Here are some of the more common cosmetic procedures that are being done at your local dentist office.

  • Teeth whitening
  • Crowns and veneers to restore teeth
  • Braces to straighten teeth
  • Dental Implants

Enhancing Your Smile

You can enhance your smile by not only improving the color of your teeth, but the shape and size as well.  You can have your teeth whitened at the dentist’s office in under an hour.  You can get more dramatic changes with crowns or veneers.  Crowns will cover your entire tooth where as a veneer will only cover the front of your teeth.  You can get very thin veneers with materials like Zirconia.  Crowns and veneers not only improve the color of your teeth they can also improve the shape of them.  Veneers can be used to close the gaps between teeth as well.

Orthodontic Treatments

Crooked or misaligned teeth can now be easily straightened in just a couple of months with modern orthodontic treatments. Advances in dental technologies can now drastically improve your smile in as quickly as 6 months.  There are still the traditional braces but now you also have the removable options with Invisalign.  These treatments can correct crooked or protruding teeth, close gaps in your teeth and level gum lines.  Braces are also used to fix problems you may have with your bite.

Taking Care of Your Gums

Cosmetic surgery doesn’t end with your teeth, looking after your gums is also done to improve your smile.  The color and shape of your gums is as much a part of your smile as your teeth.  Gum disease can lead to receding gums making your look “long in the tooth”.  Gum surgery can improve the proportions of gums to teeth, you will have a smile in perfect symmetry.  Gum surgery can also correct excess gum tissue when you smile.

You can improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry, it is now more affordable than ever.  Everyday people are undergoing treatments like straightening their teeth with braces or having them whitened.  A movie star smile isn’t just for movie stars anymore, you can have that perfect smile just like anyone from Hollywood.

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